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The objective of our biotechnology department is to increase farmers' yields by replacing nutrients in a sustainable way. The presence of balanced nutrients increases yields and as a result it increases the income for farmers.


LONO's bioconversion units convert some of the organic residues into quality compost according to EU standards.

Bio-fertilizers & bio pesticides

Bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides are the product of biomass conversion and offer farmers an affordable and sustainable option to completely replace chemical fertilizers with 100% natural fertilizers.


To meet the clean energy needs of rural populations, a test size biogas reactor has been set up for R&D purposes.


LONO's agricultural department is responsible for managing and optimizing agricultural production.


In addition to products, LONO offers services to the various actors in the value chain. For the farming communities, LONO first offers biomass recovery services that enable them to generate income by sorting and collecting organic residues from their agricultural activities.

Compost Credits

With the Compost Credits concept, LONO tries to directly reward biomass sorting by offering electronic points exchangeable for money, products and services.

We target raw material from agricultural and household activities in farming communities, who receive in return a proportionate amount of points per kilogram of organic waste. We refer to this credit system as "Compost Credits". The Compost Credits are exchangeable for money (mobile money) or bioconversion products such bio-fertilizer, bio-pesticides or compost.

Smart Card - Strengthen the local value chain

For the exchange of biomass for points, and points for money, products and services LONO developed the digital Compost Credit system. The application supporting these transactions was developed by our ICT partner Smart-T (www.smart-intl.net) and is being tested in the city of Tiassale in a decentralized composting pilot station.

Smart Caisse - Managing your sales activities

The Smart Caisse solution enables the execution and monitoring of all purchasing, sales and inventory transactions.

In partnership with LONO, the Smart Caisse has been adapted to the local context of retailers and it allows them to use the Smart Caisse for a reduced price. For more information on using the Smart Caisse, please visit http://www.smart-intl.net/offers/smart-caisse.

Research & Development

LONO researches a broad range of subjects concerning biological farming and biotechnologies. We frequently publish new articles.

For more information on our research, take a look at our publications.

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