Who We Are

LONO is a biotechnology and agricultural social enterprise.

We use innovation and technology to increase the income of smallholder farmers and improve the quality and reliability of supplies to retailers. In addition, we continuously fund and perform research on how to adapt biotechnological techniques to improve agricultural yields and valorize organic waste. In total, 25% of our revenue is dedicated to this aim.


In 2012 the idea to start LONO was born. Using biotechnology as a driver for rural development combined the visions and expertise of both founders. In 2015, the agricultural activities started with the production of vegetables in greenhouses to firstly build knowledge on the different crops (pests, yields under different stress conditions, etc) and secondly to collect data on prices and customer behavior on the local market.

LONO started the biotechnology research, the design of the pilot plant and the scaling up of the agricultural activities to bigger plantations on different plots around Côte d'Ivoire. Our mission has become clearer and more tangible over the course of the last years, but the goal has always remained the same; to make a social and environmental impact on the agricultural value chain in Côte d'Ivoire by the unlocking the potential of biotechnology.


Adapting biotechnologies to the rural context in which smallholder farmers operate in order to make them benefit from solutions that promote a sustainable value chain in agriculture.


To be the leader in biotechnology solutions for rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our team is made up of people who genuinely love what they do and who they work with.

Noel is a chemical engineer with a specialization in environment, sanitation and composting. He is co-founder of LONO and mainly involved with LONO’s production and research.

Noel N’guessan

Director of Operations & Research

Louise is a specialist in international development with a focus on social impact. Before LONO, she worked three years in the public sector. She is co-founder and mainly involved with communication, sales and marketing.

Louise Bijleveld

Co-founder and Commercial Director

Jean-Joël is a chemical and process engineer, specialized in wastewater treatment, composting and biogas.

Jean-Joël Kouassi

Junior Engineer

Philippe is an agricultural technician. He is specialized in growing food crops.

Philippe Ndri

Agricultural technician

Matthieu is an agricultural technician. He is specialized in growing cocoa, banana and chili and he supervises a team of workers.

Matthieu N'Djomon

Agricultural Technician

Esther is in charge of the customer relations and supports the marketing of LONO.

Esther Sandé

Commercial Assistant

Gérard is a chimical and process engineer; specialized in wasterwater treatment,composting and biogas.

Gérard KASSI

Junior Engineer

Guy is a chimical and process enginee, specialized in wasterwater treatmnt, composting and biogas.


Junior Engineer

Axelia is a chimical and process engineer, specialized in wasterwater treatment, composting and biogas.


Junior Engineer

Amandine assists in LONO's market research, while finishing her studies.

Amandine BENIE

Intern commercial assistant

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